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For Special Religious Education (SRE) in NSW schools the Church of the Living God uses an approved series of workbooks called Light from the Bible. This series consists of three levels, Infants School, Primary School and High School which all taken from the Holy Bible which is our foundational resource. The curriculum will be reviewed every seven years. Any additional resources used in our Scripture classes by the teachers are always approved by the Scripture Co-ordinator. 

Sample Lesson


Scripture Curriculum


Early stage 1 will have simple lessons that children can relate to from the Gospel of Matthew. We look at how important children are to God as His created beings, and how sensitive God is to their fears and feelings. He is only a prayer away. Classes will begin with action songs that children can join in followed by a Bible story about Jesus’ life.  Then children will join the teacher in a simple prayer, learn a short memory verse and colour in a one page picture relevant to the story. 

Stage 1 Year 1 will take a deeper look at the life of Jesus, especially all the miracles He performed. Children will learn how Jesus treated other people and how they can follow His example. Year 2 will further study the life of Jesus in particular His teachings and doctrines. We will also take an in depth review of the purpose of the death of Christ and why it is relevant to us. Children will also be introduced to the church as begun by the twelve apostles and how every nation is included in God’s plan. Class will begin with songs, then a Bible story followed by activity workbooks and ended with a simple prayer that children can say out loud.


Stage 2 begins with the story of God our Creator. Children will gain an understanding of the beauty of the earth, of all the good things we see and enjoy daily, and what we mean to God as His sons and daughters, also for what purpose God created the heaven and earth. We look at our responsibilities in looking after the earth, our friends and family. They will also understand how sin entered the world, and the importance of right choices for a happy and successful life. In Year 4 the children look at the story of Joseph and the purpose of sadness in our families. Then we see the miracles God performs to deliver us from sorrow and to bless our lives. They will also learn the 10 commandments and how to worship God in Spirit and truth.

Stage 3 focuses more on the historical context of the Bible. We look at Joshua, Samuel and the kings of Israel and Judah: those that followed God and were blessed, those that made mistakes and got back up again and those who kept on going when everything was against them. We look at how we can have the strength not to succumb to peer pressure and do the wrong thing. We see the fortitude of Daniel as he faced adversity and at Esther the Queen who risked all to save her people. We review the inspiring role models of Nehemiah, Ezra, Haggai and Zachariah that led the people to rebuild the temple. All the lessons have an academic content with questions, puzzles, word searches and other age-related activities.


This curriculum answers students’ questions: why does God allow suffering; how to find peace, comfort and satisfaction; how to make a difference; how to discover meaning in the journey of life, using Christian role models. Its purpose is to inspire hope in students and encourage them to fulfil their potential, believing each of them as an individual is special to God. Our courses seek to motivate and strengthen them to think before they act and make their own choices according to Christian values, and equip them to withstand the pressures that can drive them to despair, suicide and drugs. 

All curriculums are Bible-based and age-relevant material expressed in a contemporary manner with activities they are used to in their classrooms. We look at Bible history, believing in God in today’s world and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is our example of good behaviour, kindness, compassion and strength.

For further information about our lessons please contact our Scripture Co-ordinator at or 0480 297 504.

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