Our SRE Teachers

God has blessed us with a team of experienced teachers, most of them with formal Teaching and Child Care Qualifications. The others have been actively involved in Sunday School and Christian Youth Work for over ten years or have grown up in our Scripture Classes (held in Sydney schools since 1988) and Vacation Bible Schools.

Our Head Teacher has NSW teaching qualifications. She has 50 years experience in taking Sunday School and School Scripture (Primary and High School). She is now involved in ministry to youth as well as families, which is very well attended. The School Scripture Co-ordinator has 30 years experience as a music teacher, remedial tutor, Sunday School and Scripture teacher.

Requirements for SRE Teachers

The Church of the Living God engages volunteer teachers to conduct SRE classes in the local public schools. All teachers are appointed by the pastors of the church, who require candidates to be in regular church attendance for a minimum of 10 years in most cases. Therefore all our teachers are well known to the pastors and are chosen for their Christian life and principles, and demonstrate knowledge of the doctrines, practices and beliefs of the Church as set out in the Holy Bible.

They are all trained in age-appropriate teaching and have a strong awareness of cultural diversity and the need to be sensitive in teaching children of different backgrounds. At present the K-2 (stage 1) teachers all have experience and/or formal qualifications in the Child Care Industry to equip them in this area.

In addition, they must have a Working With Children Check and sign a statement that they have never been convicted of a crime against a minor, violence, sexual assault or providing prohibited drugs. The Church of the Living God insists that all youth workers must be an example to the young, as the New Testament says: “Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).

On-going Training

Attendance at the church’s bi-annual child protection training sessions is mandatory. In addition, the Scripture Co-ordinator provides bi-annual training sessions as well as mentoring and debriefing sessions after each lesson or as necessary. The Head Teacher also provides mentoring and ensures all Scripture teachers conform to church and NSW Dept of Education standards.

Awareness of Dept of Education Code of Conduct

During the first training session of the year, our Scripture teachers are reminded that they must comply with the school policy for discipline and co-operate with the school staff regarding class management. They share responsibility with the Department of Education for the children in their care during classes.


Please click here to see our Complaints Form - Church of the Living God Scripture.

When notice of a complaint is received, the complaints form will be supplied to the complainant or downloaded by them.

Upon receipt of form, the following action will be taken:

  1. Investigation and evaluation of severity of the issue. 
  2. Minor matters will be settled with the parties involved with minimum of fuss 
  3. If warranted, a formal warning will be issued to the person who is at fault 
  4. In serious cases the Head Teacher, Scripture Co-ordinator or Pastor will reprove the party who is at fault and review his/her conduct from then on in accordance with Child Protection Rules 
  5. The Complainant (parent/school etc) will be informed of disciplinary steps taken if deemed appropriate  
  6. All complaints will be settled within ten days after form is received, as far as possible.