Scripture Classes

For Special Religious Education (SRE) in NSW schools the Church of the Living God uses an approved series of workbooks called, Light from the Bible. This series consists of three levels, Infants School, Primary School and High School.

THE INFANTS LEVEL develops the children’s understanding of God and who He is. We see how powerful God is as demonstrated in the creation of the earth and all the beautiful things we see and enjoy in our daily lives. Then we look at how important children are to God as His created beings and how sensitive God is to their fears and feelings. He is only a prayer away.

THE PRIMARY LEVEL looks at how God wants to dwell with people. What we mean to God as His sons and daughters and the purpose God created the heaven and earth. We look at our responsibilities in looking after the earth and our friends and family. All the lessons have an academic content with questions and puzzles from a text, and other age-related activities.

The HIGH SCHOOL curriculum answers students’ questions: why does God allow suffering; how to find peace, comfort and satisfaction; how to make a difference; how to discover meaning in the journey of life, using Christian role models. Its purpose is to inspire hope in students and encourage them to fulfil their potential, believing each of them as an individual is special to God. Our courses seek to motivate and strengthen them to think before they act and make their own choices according to Christian values, and equip them to withstand the pressures that can drive them to despair, suicide and drugs.

All curriculums are Bible-based and age-relevant material expressed in a contemporary manner with activities they are used to in their classrooms. We look at Bible history, believing in God in today’s world and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is our example of good behaviour, kindness, compassion and strength.

SRE Training

New Scripture teachers must first be approved by the Head Scripture Teacher. Then they begin as Teacher’s Assistants to be trained in classroom management and proper responses to individual children and their needs. Direction is also given in the use of our authorised Scripture material with culturally sensitive and age-appropriate sharing of the Bible stories.

Ongoing training  - Scripture teachers meet for specific training at the start of each school year with the Scripture Co-ordinator. They also must attend training sessions arranged by the Pastors of the Church of the Living God throughout the year. In addition, support, counsel and prayer from pastors and senior workers are available to them as often as they need it.

Our Head Teacher has NSW teaching qualifications. She has 50 years experience in taking Sunday School and School Scripture (Primary and High School). She is now involved in ministry to youth as well as families, which is very well attended. The School Scripture Co-ordinator has 30 years experience as a music teacher, remedial tutor, Sunday School and Scripture teacher. No volunteer is considered for training unless they are already well known at the church as a person living according to the high moral and ethical principles found in the Holy Scriptures.

At the Church of the Living God zero tolerance is given to inappropriate behaviour for those who work with children. Before being considered for teaching, volunteers must have given their WWCC number to the church office. The Church of the Living God insists that all youth workers are to be an example to the young, as the New Testament says: “Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).